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Publishing doesn't stop at the book. Instead, your work is an entire universe. Mint digital items, delight your fans, and earn royalties.

You're selling ebooks. Why not create an NFT universe?

Eoverse is a community of authors, fans, and collectors dedicated to a more inclusive publishing. As an author, you'll have your own /au/, and can mint custom items (NFTs) to accompany your books.

Get your own /au/

Sign up + get your own page! For a limited time, we're working with selected authors to build branded experiences - a custom page for your fans! DM us on Twitter!

Publish your dream NFTs

We help you build your custom NFTs, for free. Royalties, subscriptions, special content -- that's all up to you!


Once made, they're yours!

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What to mint? Some authors mention the following ideas:

  • Special editions. Gold edition, Silver edition NFTs of your published novels, for collectors.

  • NFTs that correspond to signed copies of the book.

  • NFTs that represent particular ideas or regions, which will be the jumping point for future artwork...

design the future of media

You own your content

Powered by the blockchain.

Delight your fans with bonus art, unlockable features, and more. Once minted, NFTs are yours to gift to fans, trade, or sell as you wish. As your work becomes more popular, the value of the NFT will go up.

Get paid. A lot.

Earn royalties, sales, and more!

Fans can support you by buying NFTs! On Eoverse, royalties to go beyond standard platforms like Rarible and OpenSea: You earn royalties from direct sales, and you can earn royalties from transformative work as well.

Fandom for everyone

Help shape the future of publishing

No crypto necessary. Direct fan-creator interactions. Micro-media formats. Fund your work before it's even started. And much more. Tell us what you're thinking! Or sign up! It's easier to use than a Patreon/Ko-Fi page, and much cooler too.

Interested in publishing?

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